Articles to 2022-08-31

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As Witze tacitly admits, all climate models have consistently been wrong about nearly all their specific predictions. Of course, if you generalize enough in the way of Jehovah’s Witnesses “the end is near, bad things will start to happen”, then absolutely anything unusual and out of the ordinary can be construed as proof. This is not how predictive models are supposed to be validated. That said, if we do see a repetition of the extreme decade from 1302 onwards things are not going to be easy. Squandering our resources on single minded projects proposed by single issue fanatics won’t help us make it through them.


Are Carter & Kilikoglou’s findings novel or surprising? I think not. Of course Germany was not culturally homogenous before 1945, no area of that size ever is. Rhinelanders, Brandenburgians and Silesians had their distinct personalities, but still it was noticably one country with one culture. The number of Russians in the East was comparably small as was the tiny “Gruppe Ulbricht” of the Moscow-trained new government. The overwhelming bulk of the populace was and staid the same on both sides of the border. And still the material and written culture observable by an archaeologist became totally different. Yes there always were bulk movements into unpopulated or depopulated regions like the Huguenots or the Salzburg exulants, but these cases always were the rare exceptions and mostly regional as opposed to the whole island of Crete. So yes, the everyday culture of common people won’t have changed much under a new and invasive elite.

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