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Phillips omits a very important part of the story. Even if the mother is totally innocent, this is still a case of manslaughter and willful neglect. Ranging from 1989 to 1999 all four children fall into the years, when parents were made to put their infants to sleep on their tummies – now known to quadruple the rate of infant cot death. The mother is old enough to have still been allowed to sleep on her back and survived in spite of her genetic disposition. I well remember the antenatal classes of the time. Not placing infants on their backs was not a recommendation but doing so was treated as equal to child battery. We were browbeaten into submission. I knew it was wrong at the time – generations of experienced grandmothers could not have been that wrong and my daughter fought against it with all the might her tiny self could muster – but I still cowed down to the orthodoxy, something I’m ashamed of now. To my knowledge not a single member of the medical profession has ever apologized to all the grieving parents from that shameful episode.


Infrasound still is a much debated topic for wind energy and its proponents are often denounced as cranks. Now Cameron et al. confirm it to have an effect even below the auditory threshold. I have repeatedly experienced the arousal of bass beats myself. They tend to make me angry and unable to get to sleep and the effect seems strongest at the threshold, when I can’t be sure, if I’m really still hearing something or just imagining it.

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