Articles to 2022-12-03

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As is so often the case Goldenberg et al. give us very few actual data, no internal spread within groups but only differences of group averages. That said a few points remain. From figure 3b conservatives differ more from the acrophilic model, i.e. are less drawn to extremes than liberals (in the American sense which is totally different from how everybody else would define the term). This result is not new. Other studies have shown that conservatives may hold strong opinions but are far more open towards others believing differently and much less prepared to shun and ostracism them altogether than liberals are. (lists of 2015-07-02, 2015-12-28, 2017-04-07, 2018-06-25, 2019-03-28 and others my quick search did not find.)


Sexually transmitted diseases are not transmitted by sex, not even frequent and unprotected sex, but by promiscuity. Of course complying with today’s politically correct censure and proscription Lewis would never dare to say so. For decades now responsible doctors and epidemiologists have fought against the indiscriminate over-use of antibiotics in humans and livestock. Here their routine use in healthy people is promoted not to protect lives, nor even health, but a lifestyle while recklessly endangering everybody else and invalidating the most powerful tool from the doctors’ kit.

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