Articles to 2023-02-07

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What Bor et al. fail to mention is that this was a scapegoating campaign with the frenzy stoked up by leading politicians and all mainstream media.


On the positive side Stock et al. show us data thus allowing us to evaluate their conclusions, something most others especially from the social sciences usually avoid. So for example their figure 6 shows most clearly, how one single sample can skew the picture for ten thousand square miles and a thousand years. Even assuming their lines in figures 1–5 to be valid, what does a tiny shift in the average really tell us for an extremely widely distributed population? In the overall distribution there is no difference, you only take away a few outliers at the bottom and add them to the top. Is this meaningful?


The term “habitual users” is neither rare nor hard to understand but so far I have solely encountered it in one single context only. Ceylan et al.’s applying it to the so called “social media” is significant and seems very appropriate. Of course they too avoid discussing the real issue and contend themselves with slight amelioration round the borders.

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