Articles to 2023-03-30

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First the link to this week’s complete list as HTML and as PDF.


I have not, and will not, taken a stance about the lab-leak hypothesis, this falls way out of my area of expertise. For what it’s worth, as I said before, the weight of evidence as far as I understand it tends to pull me slightly towards the natural cause explanation. But this is not what current discussions are about. From the start those responsible for it have steadfastly refused even to look into the lab origin possibility. When people like Wiesendanger called for nothing more than that, those with huge power and enormous influence on leading politics tried to personally ruin him (among others) and his career. Their unequivocal and premature statements have long been shown to have been wrong or at least vastly exaggerated. This is not how science concerning an open and important question should be done.


Shouldn’t Lupia have been obvious from the start? Once science loses its independence and becomes subservient to the ruling elite, as it has long been in the Soviet Union, its credibility is lost. Of course I as a person also hold strong views on some issues and I write about them. But I take care to keep my science and my politics well apart, on different websites in fact, although there are links leading from one to the other, nothing hidden or underhand about it. Party political endorsements have no place in a scientific journal. There are other venues where its editors can, and perhaps should, write instead.


Ben-Tor is another example for a new and quite recent book already out of print copies of which are offered for at least double the original price. Of course the copyright holder must not be denied the right to reap the returns for their investment. But if and when they neglect their duty to reader as shamefully as this, it must become legal for others to offer print-on-demand reprints at cost. These all too frequent occurrences are a willful abuse of copyright law.

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