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Just looking at any of the henges and similar edifices makes it abundantly clear they lack any means of defining a direction with any precision at all. And should there once have been additional markers, now decayed, they can obviously only have been used by one single person at a time. These were obviously gathering places for celebrating on special days of the year with dozens of people present, each and every one with his own line of sight. Any conceivable measuring tool would not need most of what was built there but instead other items we find no traces of whatever. Magli & Belmonte have to be right in their critique of Darvill’s flight of fancy.


Pino & Dillehay imply that their recent redating of Monte Verde adds something new and meaningful to the discussion. Not so. The date itself of the finds has never been in any doubt. What has been and remains the point of contention is whether humans were involved in their coming about. See my review from 2013 with references.


Ballester et al. find a rather sharp temperature optimum at 18 °C. While the death rate rises rather steeply for higher temperatures there is a slightly raised plateau between 5 and 15 °C before the rise towards freezing.

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