Articles to 2023-08-19

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In the ongoing debate of when the scientific age began I have a position. For me the start lies with the founding of the Royal Society in the middle of the 17th century. More important, though, is the question about when it ended. It must have been recent. Both my father’s diploma and doctoral theses were replications of, at the time, new and exciting results. In both cases he managed to disprove the advertised hypotheses and conclusively offer other, much more mundane, explanations. That was in the early fifties and before publish or perish. It seems to me it took until about the nineties before things truly went into decline but it’s hard to be more specific. What is certain is that by now the process has run its course. O’Grady is just one example among many – too many to have the published literature retain any real value.


Can anyone make head or tail of Rodríguez Sánchez et al.’s methods and understand how their result came about? I can’t. Their figure one indicates the opposite. All other figures are straight, slopeless lines without any clear explanation how they came about. The authors claim these figures show nothing, which all can agree to be true.

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