Articles to 2022-02-20

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As Mark Twain probably never said, history doesn’t repeat itself but it rhymes. So like Parker Pearson shows, a Medieval writer drawing on his own experiences could more or less correctly describe something that happened half a millennium ago and (if erroneously) link it to a place that might have hosted something similar several thousand years earlier. He could not have known about the graves that were only found much later by modern archaeologists but inferred their presence.


Pagelson et al. is one of the very rare glimpses into the largely obscure Early Iron Age of the Levant. This is the time king David would have lived if he ever did. Many of the stories about him look like back projections from much later times but the exploits of his troupe of predatory nomads may have been just the kind of threat Mt. Adir was fortified against.


Domínguez-Solera et al. is one more example of the valuable and ground breaking basic research from the team around Manuel Domínguez-Rodrigo. Its rigour is badly needed to stop the flights of phantasy so often still prevalent in archaeological interpretation.

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